Why is the WITH lipoplasty special?

The WITH liposuction system has a special one. Experience the uniqueness right now


Extractive technology

Like squeezing out 360degrees

What is WITH Cylindrical type

liposuction special?

Liposuction is not simply about extorting the body's fat lines but accurately determining the correct amount of intake by the skin type and waist line of the patient. We think of the three-dimensional structure of the body and spin it out of 360 degrees to form a beautiful line.

Cylindrical type liposuction

Let's learn about the cylinder liposuction technique that gives you the flexibility to save and boost the line.

Liposuction is not simply about removing fat.

It makes beautiful body shape

WITH Cylindrical type liposuction. It considers a three-dimensional waist line rather than a two-dimensional flat-quality suction that absorbs only the visible part. And it's a way to rotate the fat around the area and complete the three-dimensional lines by 360 degrees Cylindrical type liposuction. Before the surgery, the 3-D ultrasonic wave diagnosis system provides a three-dimensional analysis of the elasticity of the skin, the location of the fat layer and the thickness of the skin. This determines the amount of uptake by region.