Why is the breast forming of ‘WITH’ special?

There is a special system for breast forming in 'WITH'. Experience that distinctiveness right now.


The soft touch of my breast & Natural movement & Volume

4th generation breast molding of 'WITH'

The 4th generation breast shaped molding of ‘WITH’ has evolved into a dynamic change in the shape of motion and posture from the initial chest shaped, tactile and size emphasis. This is

a next-generation chest molding, thinking about the beautiful chest lines when wearing clothing.

What is the 4th generation

breast molding of 'WITH'?

With the development of the patient's requirements and technological skills, we need to satisfy all the tactile, the natural and the safety of the patient. So you can say

that it's a true four-generation breast forming.

It ensures beautiful chest lines and stability when wearing clothing.

See the true Four-generation Chest forming in ‘WITH’

Generation 1.

Generation 2.

Generation 3.

Size emphasis

Shape emphasis

Tactile emphasis

Soft touch

Changing of motion and movement according

to posture

A beautiful chest line when wearing clothes

Safety and Continuity

of prostheses

There's a reason why we're known for chest molding

So what's different about

breast implants with good quality?

Different Pride and confidence in Chest Molding 'WITH'. Learn the special reason.

A sense of volume rises

Create attractive feminine curves with ample and voluptuous breasts.

Have a pretty chest

When you wear clothes, you can have a naturally-looking and pretty chest.

Feel soft

We pursue to get the most natural outcome for the chest movement and suppleness 

The natural movement

When you lay down or do any activity, your chest movements won’t be awkward in any pose, the movement will be natural.