Why is 'WITH' eye molding special?

There is a special system for eye molding in 'WITH'. Experience the uniqueness right now.


The patients’ overall face condition is accurately and closely analyzed. So we look for beautiful and natural eyes fit for your face by special WITH stylish eye modeling

Perfect eye style for my face

The overall harmony and nature of the face

‘With’ stylish eye molding

The facial image changes

Invisible scar

Harmonize with


double eyelid

The image on the face changes to reflect bright and clear impression.

It appears like a natural double eyelid not a surgically one. 

After surgery, you create

a 'dynamic fold' and very few

double-eyelid scar are visible.

The shape and other parts of the face make it possible to blend in

with the entire face

What's different about the eye forming of a good 'WITH'?