The biggest pride of WITH Plastic Surgery Hospital is the medical team.
All medical surgeons are graduates

of Seoul National University

WITH Introduction

Introduce WITH Plastic Surgery Clinic as a leading new paradigm in Plastic Surgery.


Professional system by expertise
Specialized medical staff

From designing to flawlessness with the same surgeon
Exclusive medical attendant system

Reliable plastic surgery solution
The artisans spirit

(Perfectionism on plastic surgery)

Doctor, Kim Ji-Hyuk,

Plastic surgery specialist

Doctor, Lee Sung-joo,

Plastic surgery specialist

Doctor, Huh Yong-jun,


Every surgeon who has specialized expertise gives you special beauty based on the know-how accumulated in more than 15 years.

The surgeon who consults patients undertakes the entire procedure of the surgery (From designing to the perfection) and is responsible for the treatment and care.

We do our best to every one of our clients by spending ample time with the spirit of professionalism.
We would like to present our patients the equal value of the master piece not as a hospital which does a lot of surgeries but as a hospital which is always successful in surgery.

WITH considers patients’ safety as their top priority
Precision, WITH is safe

Safer and higher quality operation
With 15-years

hazards-free operation history

On duty 24/7


anesthesiologist is on duty twenty-four hours a day

Adopted well-proven surgical techniques


safe surgical techniques

Use only reliable medical products

Use authentic ones

With more than 15 years of experience with a single purpose
WITH’s accurate surgery

01, we perform a surgery with a medical specialist who is a graduate of
        Seoul National University.

02, the doctor who once consulted the patient, performs the surgical 
         procedure directly from the beginning to the end of the surgery.
         (A locum does not operate.)

03, we do our best to every one of our patients with the artisans spirit.

04, Anesthesiologist are on standby 24/7 and we are equipped with
         emergency medical system.

05, we only use safe and well-proven medical products.